OZ-DMR Audio File Library

These AUDIO files are downloaded and used by OZ-DMR Network from various sources like Amateur Radio Societies and Podcasters from around the world and stored here.

We used these audio files and create a re-transmission service via audio streaming software to a DMR talkgroup on our network. This allows Amateur Radio Operators everywhere to hear the content anywhere they are at anytime.

You can download them and listen to them as you wish or see our re-transmission schedule to listen via one of our talkgroups, TG 23595 (United Kingdom) or TG 50595 (Australia). You will find the latest and past episodes giving you the oportunity to listen again to any audio file we have here.

The copyright on ALL of these files WILL ALWAYS remain
with those who have created and released them for public listening

The latest audio file will always be at the top of the list and older audio files will be below that. We will keep each audio file for 120 DAYS after which it will be removed from our library.

Not all of the below audio files will be streamed via our streaming service. But they have been included here for you to download and listen to should you wish.

Feel free to suggest new audio files for regular download to share with everybody by contacting the OZ-DMR Team via our Email form.

Current Audio Library Size:    14Gb

All File times below are

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